Gordana Bogdanovic - Las Vegas, USA., 18 of November 2012..

This is my story

Up until last year my life was more or less peachy story, I was very young 51 year old ..healthy , vivacios, very much in shape happy spirit.. MY health was perfict, I never went to the doctor...I eat healthy clean nutritious food , my workout routine was 5 to 6 times a week/kick boxing, cardio weights, pilates ,yoga ...you name it..........until reallity check happened After losing my house ...my job...and so many other personal problems....my body silently gave up.... Insted of being regular...going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day....it was 2-3 times a week...I didn,t pay much attention....

I have always been healthy.... I have tried everything..prune juice..flax seeds, coconat water, psyllium husk...all kind of fibers...I ate a lots of fruits, vegetables...I juiced a lot ....My VitaMix blender was busy all the time...
After a while I started laxatives but even that didn.t give me much relise And .....MARCH happened...I couldn,t elleminate for 3 weeks after trying everything in the book..I ended up in Emergency room...Not having medical insurance.
I had a small chances having a good treatment,,After 10 hours in ER they finnaly came to conclussion...I am completely healthy...except a moderate constapation.......They gave me Golightelly which is actually salline mixture something like salt...and that was it..
Of course that didn't do anything for me Next few days I went to another doctor..he gave me prescription laxatives....that didn't work also...and at the end I ended up going to the specialist...
He told me he wanted to do collonoscopy......bot not having insurance that was out of question......Soooo I eneded up ready to face my own mortallity....
I had to take my health in my own hands I was in tremendous pain for such a long time and every time when I tried to explain what kind of pain I fell..everobody rejected my story....My familly , my friends....they all said it.s just a stress...
I am dellusional......DELLUSIONAL>>>>I felt something strange..like somethig was moving inside of me...It felt like zillion little knives was stabbing my intestins..It felt something was tearing me apart I have lost so much weight and..my vision was blurry ...I couldn''t focus....

I had no energy My back started hurting and I could hardly get out of the bed.. Finally ......I prepared mysef for the worst. In Septembar this year I look llike ghosty shadow of the person I was a year ago......until one day after using Oxypoweder/oxygen based laxative/ I went to the bathroom and somthing dropped in the toilet.

I turned around and saw dozens spagetti like things in the water...They were clear not moving but I took it out for further observations..I took a picture of it and...that was real begining of FIGHT FOR MY LIFE I send a picture to my aunt Ljiljana Radojcic...she is my solemate ...my health gury: ...my everything....and she said right away that those are prasites.
She mensioned some parasitre treatment GELMOSTOP that she stumble upon...but I decided to go to the regular doctor for regular medication..this was not like me but..first time in my life I was really scared Doctor gave me Metronidazol.... In a meantime I went to research about Gelmostop and after few days I decided to order it, the smartest thing I did in my life. I finished Metrodizanol and I felt a litlle impruvement ..but I was not cured ;I was still havelly infested...

BUT when I started using Gelmostop real cleaning started ..I couldn.t believe what is coming out of my body...how is that possible ????? Besides different kinds of parasites I have expeled about hundred gallblader stones...You can see all of it on the pictures..I took pictures just of few but that was enough for me just to realize what is happening to me.
Today is my 16th day of the therapy and it is supposed to be 50 days treatment....I can honestly say that this product saved my life.... I have faced my own mortallity so many time in last few months but finally I fell improvement I have read everuthing I could get my hands on about creatures living in our bodies..
I could not believe what is happening in our bodies withot us being aware. I know now for sure one thing ...I am deffinitely taking my health in my own hands.....I know for the fact I would really died if I haven't found this product...

So far I feel much..much better...I see every day little improvement I expelled so much toxins and parasites from my body and when you see my pictures you are going to be shocked... at least I was I know one thing ........ my body is my temple ...and I know that twice a year I will clean that temple with this product I can not leave a chance that somthing like this happens again We just get one body in this life time ...so let,s take care of it...I know I will Gordana, I'll keep you posted about my health When I finished the wholle treatment...So far it is my life saver.

Don't be afraid, this "aliens" lives in human intestines!

The story will be continueted, when I will finished my threatment.



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